Thursday, September 11, 2008

weekends and stuff


back in the same internet cafe in al diyar hotel's basement. something i have not mentioned before, or did i?, is that it is just beside a mini pool hall. once and a while, while here, i here a ball bounce of the floor next door. its a distinct sound that one; marble floor, marble ball. are they marble?

anyways, today we test drove our first couple of vehicles. a kia sportage and a toyota rav4. of course the toyota is way better, but the price is a bit steep. still unsure. the one we really fell for was a vw suv called the tiguron or something like that. but its way out of our league.

were leaning heavily towards the rav still. its a decent price and during ramadhan we get better financing and the like. and its an suv, but its kinda small too. dont hate us for the suv thing okay? if you were here youd understand. there are so many cool mountains and roads that we just cant do with a car. and people dont ride your arse as much if youre in an suv.

so yeah. were looking into some more models, but need to decide over the next couple weeks to get the good deal.

we went "shopping" in muscat yesterday afternoon, only to realize that most stores were closed for ramadhan until 7 at night. shame on us. anyways, we did score a few necessities (dvd player, tie rack, etc) that were bogging us down a bit. we got an mp3 player for the car which is probably going to be returned. it sucks. the old adage "you get what you pay for" comes in with those things.

hmmm...oh we were planning on going to the movies at night (tropic thunder or mirrors - yeah i know...) but it turns out the movies changed and things were even worse. like seriously. check out imdb for a movie called hardware. then rent and watch some if you can. this i snot the film that was playing, but hardware is a film we saw pieces of last week and its like, seriously, the worst thing i have ever seen. on ever level it is trash. every single level. anyways, the movies playing last night looked like the "creative" team behind hardware decided to make a romantic comedy and an horror movie.

ok. hope you're all well.



Jonathan said...

ms. rich said...

TOUReg is the name of the vw...and eric wants me to let you know how far you've really sunk. his brother and wife own this vehicle and they are the poster children for consumerism as an extreme sport. stick with the rav. eric asks, "why don't they buy used?"