Saturday, September 6, 2008


so, something some of you may know and others not...our weekends begin on saturday here. thursday and friday are the official days off. probably very strange for some of you, but yeah. oman is the only gulf country to maintain the old thursday - friday holiday deal. i think anyways. im writing out my butt on this one.

the Inernet situation is still the same. don't expect any skype calls soon. the frustration of not having a phone to call "home" is a bummer still. even getting a home phone number has to wait until we get a labour card. how long will it be until we have it? who knows. anyways. gots-ta get to the grind. here are a few pics from life here.

cucumbers at the local market:
a door in the old market place:

the women who regularly sit under a tree and talk at 6 am in the morning across from our house:
thats all for now.


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