Monday, September 1, 2008



today is the beginning of Ramadan. if you don't know much about it, check this out:

this means shortened class hours and the like for us and a generally more laid back month. we figure it's a good time to start reading a bunch of the classics we can sign out from the library on campus. sun finished "the great gatsby" in like one day and was pleased with that.

i figure on munching some blazac, marquez, and such. after i finish anna karenina.

some of you know i have been reading anna for months now, and i would have to say it has been, ultimately, one of the best reads of my life. it has been a true challenge at points, but i am pleased with where it is going and it is the only novel in years where i have taken a lot of notes and thought a lot about narrative possibilities and voices. it truly is a great novel, and i recommend anyone who has not done so to give it a jab. anna is one of the most complex characters i have met.

on other oman-ish notes: i have been recruited to be a CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learner) teacher here, which is exciting because i really hoped to find something where i can apply my techy-ness. but, well see how it goes.

techy stuff: still nothing new here. no skype, which conitnues to suck... is the address here if you care to drop us a letter or pictures, or whatever. apparently mail is pretty safe here, and it would be great to get a postcard or anything in the mail.

no pressure though:

Daniel and Sundi c/o IELP
University of Nizwa
PC 616
Birkat Al Mouz

well. thats all i have time for.

oh. please leave comments if you can, just so i know who is getting this.

i promise a bunch of pictures soon...



Jonathan said...

Here I am.

ms. rich said...

hey, stephanie here...didn't know we were allowed to answer back...

Unknown said...

Hey Daniel, Just went back and "caught up';
enjoying all. Sarah

Anonymous said...

glad to finally see some of the pictures and catch up a bit...seems you guys are working on an interesting life out there. keep in touch. selena and kt