Friday, September 5, 2008

our apartment

hello all:

it is hot out usual i guess. the weekend has been chill though. ramadhan is in full swing meaning there is little to do outside except walk around and the like through the day. we went for dinner to amanda and gus' place, which is just down the street, and enjoyed a nice long walk around the old falaj. it was kind of like walking on the moon.

we decided to post some pix of our flat finally, having edited them in photoshop and now transfrerring them at the only Internet cafe in town. yes the only one. well. there are others but they open when they feel like it basically, which is a pain in the _=_ . anyways.

thanks to those leaving comments - hopefully more to come ... ? we still have no skype AND have had it confirmed that sometimes emails are not sent from here. yes - and phones often do not work either. so if you try to call us and don't get through - try and try again.

as some of you know, i finished anna karenina recently and have been in the desert about how to possibly follow it up. i don't want to read anything serious, as it will be in a pretty huge shadow. im thinking of finally giving in and reading archie comics. so, if you have any, do send. i know this is not ironic, but, ironically the first and only time in my life i crave an archie comic and they are impossible to find. normally, anywhere else ive been, i could find them littering garbage bins or flying in the wind, but now...WHERE ARE YOU ARCHIE? WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?

whoa...that bit proves i should sign off.


p.s.: abover is the view from our front window

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