Monday, September 8, 2008

home, sweets


so...some of you saw us on our north american trek over the past few months and probably heard us saying "it will be so nice when we finally get our own apartment." well, we're feeling that right now. basically we go to work and then we go home. thats our days right now. lots of reading and writing, lots of night rider and the occasional action film wit nic cage or sean connery. or both.

last night was different. we saw the film "the world according to garp" with robin williams and based on the john irving. great film. i remembered having seen it when it first came out on superchannel when i was like 10. the content was not appropriate for a ten year old, but i did not know the difference, so thats whatever. i recommend it if you havent seen.

another classic we saw the other night was an officer and a gentlemen. a young richard gere never looked so good. very nice.

i have just been handed the wire season one on dvd, as i left all of our wire in prague. sad that i just remembered this now, because we have so much time now to watch and re-watch things. but anyways...

today we have a huge feast at the university after dusk. it sounds like a romp.

okay. youll hear from me again soon. when do i hear from you?


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