Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the views


we went on a tour today of nizwa and surrounding area. it confirmed for us that this is and will be a cool place for us to live. the ruins, towers, and tombs we saw are really magnificent. we invite you all to come visit as there are plenty of palces to go and see. sadly we didn't bring our camera. next time though.

ramadhan is half over. a week and a half and we start our week and a half break. its a hard life.

oh. and we've decided on the rav4 for sure. the vw thing was a lapse of reason. and it was not the toureag. it was the tiguan. not sure if this model is available in north america or not. and buying used cars here is very risky. not worth the worry sometimes. you have to know who is selling, the car's history, etc... if not you can get ripped off crazy!

this weekend we are camping on the beach near muscat. will let you know what happens and post some pics early next week.


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Jonathan said...

Your tour of Nizwa sounds wonderful. We are looking forward to visiting you guys. When does your break begin?
Have fun camping on the beach. You will be living the dream. Remember our breakfast picnic on the beach in Abu Dhabi. I bet your beach camping is going to blow that experience "out of the water". We will have to do it all together once I find myself not preggers.
See you soon.