Monday, May 11, 2009

We're Back

Sorry we've been gone so long. Unlike bad habits, good habits are incredibly easy to break. Where do we start. Well, I'm going to go with less words and more pics, but I'll give you a preview of what's to come. Today I'm posting our extravagant 4th year anniversary, since the pictures are chosen and ready. Next we will post "The great visit", where you will see Czechs enjoying Oman. Lastly, we'll show off our new villa. By the time we are done with those, new adventures are sure to have happened, and hopefully we'll be back into good habits. 

So, after the Prague trip and all the heaviness that ensued, Daniel and I decided to splurge a big one on our anniversary in March. We opted for a 5 star in Muscat called "The Chedi". Yeah, I can see why rich people are always so smug and relaxed. Although I wouldn't want to live the life, a few days of it every now and then I would definitely go for. Peace, serenity, everything was designed for that purpose. Here is the photographic documentation of our worries melting away for a day.

Do we have to leave?

Oh the pool beds. They also gave us endless mint water in chilled cups.
A cheers to our four years.

The details of extravagance.
Let's just stop for a moment.
Dan swimming. Can you see him in the lipless pool?
Find our way.


ms. rich said...

hey welcome back kiddies!!! sun did you post that one? whoa, loved the drink with the swizzle stick of sugar...mmmm i was relaxed just gazing at the fotos...

Bon said...

dan on the couch reminded me somehow of Hefner. i don't believe that is a thought that has previously ever crossed my mind, and i am off now to scrub my brain.

but i'm glad you had a celebration. and yes, the rich do manage to do relaxation well. i think buying a little of it now and then is good.

Daniel Lynds said...

thank you kindly for your comments. yes, sundi did write that one.

the swizzle stick was brown sugar melted somehow to a cinnamon stick.

hefner hey? is your brain scrubbed yet?


Jonathan said...

nice to see you back, and nice to see you in our not-quite-so-posh getaway last weekend. looking forward to the beach party later this month.