Friday, May 22, 2009

Reaching Backwards again

Hello all:

So...not much has happened since our last post. No exciting trips anywhere, no promotions, none of whatnot.

I decided to reach back for this post to the Muscat Festival, which happened in January, just before we went to Prague.

It was a cool festival, with booths representing countries from all over the world (actually there were only about 8 countries). In these booths you could buy discounted arts and crafts. I negotiated for about two hours to get a decent priced Syrian made backgammon board, which we use every couple days here. Sundi usually wins. Somehow.

Also at the festival, of course, were a bunch of Omani cultural events. Riding camels and donkeys, dancing, drumming, and other historically focused events. It was a great night. We went with our friend Don, who you can see in some of our earlier posts.

Anyways. For your viewing pleasure, and an omanamo first, here is a short video of the event. We will probably start posting videos once and a while if this one proves popular. The main problem is our internet connection here.

So. Here it is. Enjoy.

(Please watch full size ... otherwise you won't see much ... )


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