Monday, December 8, 2008

Wadi Bani Awf

an nyoung:

after driving through all those crazy roads we threw down our tent in a place called "Wadi Bani Awf." Wadi basically translates to river bed in English and they are all over the place in Oman. Usually they are dry like the one we camped in, but sometimes they can flood and cause all types of problems. Luckily, our spot was slightly elevated so we had no worries. We were worried about the rain, but it just passed by.

I. - Here's our camping spot in Wadi Bani Awf. It was a perfect spot right in the canyon, quite quiet, and with lots of wood for a decent campfire.
II. After cleaning up and all that we headed to one of Oman's great forts: Rustaq. This is from inside the fort's foyer.
III. - Sun and I outside Rustaq Fort.
IV. - Me in front of the great view from Rustaq Fort.
V. Close to Rustaq was an intense hot springs. Here, Gus and I dip our feet. The water was so hot that it somewhat scolded our feet.


ms. rich said...

hey-long time no view. i'm glad i came on b/c you've added ALOT since the last time i was here.

enjoyed all your descriptions of stagnant water and such and especially "scolding your feet" one request: could you put up the english translations of the phrases your using? or does that ruin the moment? i recognized an young but no others...

oh! loved the pic in the palace. steph

Daniel Lynds said...

hey steph:

so the phrases i use are easy to translate - they're just hello or how are you in as many different languages i could find. was wondering how long it took til someone grabbed at those.

thanks for all your comments...